Cherries - Two Weeks Later

Two weeks later and the sweet cherries are just asking to be eaten!

They look so delicous right now...

Some of the shaded are taking a little longer to mature.

But I have to wait another week before they are dripping scarlet juices all over me!


Saskboy said…
Get 'em before the birds do!
Erin said…
Hi Al! Thanks for coming to my blog and RSSing! Larger versions can be seen by clicking the images. I was debating whether or not to enlarge all of them for each post, but I thought that it might take up too much room since I'm quite chatty about each picture...hehe :)
Hmm! I'll think about your feedback though, I do like sharing my food porn :D

PS your cherry pictures are mouthwatering - SLR camera? Jealous!