Obama And Harper

Now we know why he went to Ottawa's Byward Market...
His own Beaver Tail

Check out the lunch menu.

I thought Obama hated beets!

And here's Vilsack on food safety.

I'm just so discouraged. Why are people waiting in the freezing cold for hours to 'not see Obama' in Ottawa? I'm only seeing him bending to the powers with dollars, even if those powers are really bankrupt and demanding unregulated pubic money in order to save their own poor judgment and lack of concern for the world they live in.


GrubGrade said…
The beaver tail. Haha. I've got to try that.
Nal said…
Hi Al,

Yes, I too want to try the Beaver Tail now that I've seen it!

I pick up most of my spices at the Indian store, but sometimes make my own. For instance, you can buy coriander seeds (whole), then dry roast it for a few minutes over a stove, then set it out to dry. When cooled, grind it and put it in an air tight container. Most Indian gravies have coriander, cumin (called jeera), chili powder and tumeric powder.

Have you tried any Indian dishes?

Thanks for writing in,

Al said…
Hi Nalini

I usually grow cilantro in my backyard and let it go to seed. Then heat the seeds in a cast iron frying pan, followed by some grinding.

I have a friend from India who grinds up a unique mix of her own design, nice and spicy hot, which I add to almost everything I cook.

When I visit Indian restaurants in Toronto, I usually choose a vindaloo that will make me sweat!