Dangerous Pathogens

I know I haven't been posting enough recently.
Life is unpredictable and not always friendly.

So I'm going to try harder!
Here's a current Ontario legal case that I found illuminating.

"...it is illegal to sell raw milk, which health officials warn can contain dangerous pathogens..."
From the article about Ontario farmer Michael Schmidt in the Toronto Star
Raw milk crusader awaits verdict

But I guess it's ok to sell deli meats which also can also contain dangerous pathogens...
But Maple Leaf Foods accepts the blame and is sorry, so all is forgiven?

Maybe we should be banning salami?
If the recommended standard operating procedures for cleaning the slicers didn't work for Maple Leaf, how many other big processors are following the same practices?

There's more than health safety going on here!


Nal said…
HI Al, Thanks for your message on my blog! We were wondering whether to get winter tires or not...just started driving here, so maybe its a good idea. Read through a bit of your blog...very interesting!! Saving the rest for my tomorrow's read. Thanks again!! (And yes, I will look forward to winter and all the fun that comes with it..with two kids who are waiting to see snow, I'm sure that will just follow!)
Hoy Family said…
I don't know you so I don't know why you would comment on my blog, but we tried to do a live removal on the hive, but it just wasn't possible. I don't know why you would judge me. It's kind of weird.
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Nal said…
HI Al...I've been procrastinating too on my blog! But just changed the entire format...

I saw your comment only just yesterday! Don't know how I missed it.

We are in the printing business and print personal pictures on canvas.

Right now, spending more time shovelling the snow than on work!!

Christina said…
I agree that this raw milk case is very interesting. I come from a dairy farm and drink the milk straight out of our tank and consider myself healthier than most individuals.

Someone brought brought up a valid point in a comments section on the Globe and Mail saying that our ancestors all drank raw milk before technology was introduced, and they were fine so whats the big deal?