Getting Ramped Up Over Ramps

Wild Leeks (aka Ramps)

It's that fleeting spring season in Southern Ontario that provides us with a couple of weeks of wild leeks or ramps. Once you leave the city they're pretty easy to find once you know what to look for. Friends with 10 acres of maple forest just northwest of Toronto allowed us to to a little foraging this week.

Wild Blue Spring Forest Flowers

The forest was full of trilliums,

Trillium Flower In A Spring Forest

tiny blue flowers, and early to seed dandelions, just gorgeous.

Dandelion Gone To Seed

There were a few blackflies but they couldn't dampen our enthusiasm, even though an afternoon rain storm did slow us down a little.
Being the 14th of May, some of the ramp leaves were getting a little long in the tooth, but to compensate the bulbs were bigger being later in the season. We started chewing on leaves and the whole forest smelled of onion and garlic!

Foraging For Wild Leeks In Southern Ontario

Foraging For Ramps In Southern Ontario

I'm sharing this bounty with as many friends as I can during this short season. So many people have no idea that amazing edible plants just grow naturally around them.


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