The Flattie - A New Bagel For Toronto

Toronto is a bagel lovers heaven!

You can find the sweetish Montreal style bagel at Bagel House and the St.Urbain's chain, and the more classic Toronto style poppy seed twisters from Bagel World and Kiva's. And then there's the unique light and airy Gryfe's bagel with it's interesting crust and all the myriad coffee and donut store varieties for those addicted to Tim Horton's.

But I've always preferred the hard shelled, poppy seed covered bagels from Bagel Plus on Sheppard Ave, just west of Bathurst.

They're a delicious, warm and salty chewy mouthful! Now the bakers at Bagel Plus have created an incredible new bagel version in that same style that they call a 'flattie'. A thin bagel with a crisp and chewy crust covered with either poppy or sesame seeds and an inside bread that's a robust match to the outside.

This is the type of bagel that needs to be eaten within hours of being baked to experience it at its prime. Though if by chance I do have any left the next day, they're great sliced, spread with a little pizza sauce, covered with cheese and then broiled to allow the cheese to melt.

They're baked daily but often are sold out by late afternoon. Be sure to try some of their other breads, buns and desserts too. I particularly enjoy the onion rolls which have big chunks of onion all throughout the dough. If I'm lucky enough to find them just out of the oven it's unlikely that they'll all make it home before being eaten.


Peter said…
I'm heading to Tornto this week, and will also be in Carlisle (sort of in between Hamilton and Guelph).
I'd appreciate any suggestions you may have for both areas in terms of local food restaurants and also markets or any other spots to check out.


Peter at The Ethicurean
Al said…
Just north of Carlisle, past the 401, is the Scotch Block Winery ( ), part of Andrews Scenic Acres. They have delicious award winning blackcurrant wines. Their 'farm market/pick-your-own' has been the only place I've found where I could get locally grown blackcurrants.
They've been in the news lately because the farm and winery is up for sale. The kids don't want to take it over and it's so close to Toronto that the land is probably too valuable to stay agricultural.
Not sure what your schedule is but they're only open on weekends at this time of the year.
Al said…
You might also consider the St.Jacob's Farmers Market ( ) just north of Waterloo, probably 30-40 minutes or so from Carlisle. It has a strong Mennonite component which adds to its local integrity. It's open Thursday and weekends I believe.
Anonymous said…
Hi Alan - thanks for leaving your comment on last autumn.
After a long hiatus from this new blog (moves and new jobs for Roddy and I), locavore is finally rolling! Looking forward to hearing from the broad community of people who seek deeper meaning in what they consume.