An Ontario Home-Made Classic Butter Tart

There's more treasure than a heritage river to be found in Ontario's Madawaska River valley.

In the tiny village of Palmer Rapids, Kelly bakes her amazing butter tarts at Hannah's Food Mart.

Kelly was bringing out packages of still-warm butter tarts when I dropped in one weekday morning in early May. Although too shy to have her own photo taken, she was rightly proud of her butter tarts. She tells me stories of the heroic treks that people repeatedly make in order to possess her sweet Canadian treats and their deliciously flaky homemade pastry crust. It's hard not to believe her when I just made one of my semi-annual trips from Toronto with butter tarts on my mind.

Kelly makes a variety for everyone. You can choose the simple and satisfying plain version, or add some chewy raisins, or maybe a few pecans or other nuts for an earthy touch. These tarts definitely get my vote of approval for the best homemade butter tarts in Ontario, but only in the non-runny category! I'm still looking in bakeries across the province for that classic tart with a runny, drippy interior. I think my next trip will be to check out the Butter Tart Trail in Ontario's rural Township of Wellington North.