Butcher Shop Sausages

On the main street (Hwy 7) in Norwood, Ontario, east of Peterborough, you'll find Ralph's Butcher Shop. This was my last chance to find wild leeks before I arrived back home in Toronto. Rumour had it that Ralph had a source! Turns out that wild leeks do end up in the store, but all are destined to become ingredients flavouring one of Ralph's most popular sausages. But it also turned out that I'd dropped in on the one day of the week when they were between 'sold-out' and 'newly made'.

My disappointment quickly dissipated when I browsed the two freezers full of dozens of other varieties of homemade sausages. Hot spiced varieties to the left, gradually mellowing out as you move towards the right-hand side of the display. I bought one package of butcher paper wrapped Macedonian Hot and another of Russian Garlic.

Deciding to try the Macedonian Hot first, I was able to open the paper wrap and release a single sausage using the point of a heavy knife. I easily re-wrapped the remaining sausages and returned them to the freezer. I prepared my sausage first by steaming, and then by browning it in a skillet. The results tasted more than excellent!
Hot and spicy with no greasy overtones.