My Last Box

This will be my last Good Food Box for a while. I expect to be out of town during the next pickup, and a few weeks after that my distribution centre shuts down for the summer. The price has been fair and the not-for-profit Food Share has values that are easy to support. Probably my greatest disappointment has been the freshness of the products in the box. Too high a percentage are at or beyond their 'best before' days. It's difficult to be joyful about aged produce! I was also hoping for more local content, even during the winter. Flagging the British Columbia apples in this week's box as local to Toronto is really pushing the concept of local.

Here are the the contents of my Last Box  (with origins added)...

1 bunch celery - Salinas, Calif. (drying out at top)
1 bunch spinach - Lakeside Organic Gardens, Watsonville, Calif.
1 Romaine lettuce - no identification (blackened leaves at top)
1 bunch parsnips - Pfenning's, Baden, Ontario
1 avocado - Gold Vallée
1 bunch bananas - Bonita, Equador
5 lbs yellow potatoes - Pfenning's, Canada
2 lbs onions - Pfenning's, Canada
3 lbs Spartan apples - Cawston Cold Storage, BC
5 tomatoes - Covilli, Mexico
1 pint strawberries in plastic clamshell - Natural Choice, Oxnard, Calif.
3 grapefruit - New Harvest Organics