Good Food Box For The Easter Holiday

Just in time for the extra-long holiday weekend, I picked up my twice-a-month box of organic fruit and vegetables from Food Share's Good Food Box program. This box contained the least number of products flagged local since I first started buying the boxes, and I seem to be missing one of them, the local fresh garlic! There's an unlisted bunch of green onions with limp leaves which I guess is the substitution for the garlic. Oh, and the curly parsley was also quite limp, no crispiness, unable to hold it's stalks up.

Here's the rundown of what I found in my box.

5 lbs white potatoes (Pfenning's - Canada) flagged local
2 lbs carrots (Cal-Organic - Calif)
1 bunch broccoli (Earthbound Farms - USA)
1 bunch collard greens (Cal-Organic - Calif)
1 Romaine lettuce no identification
6 oranges no identification
2 avocados (Gold Vallée)
3 lbs Royal Gala apples (B.C. Brand - Oliver, BC)
4 red plums (Product of Argentina)
1 bunch bananas (Dole - Columbia)
2 tomatoes (Earthbound Farms - USA)
1 bunch curly parsley (Lakeside Organic Gardens - Watsonville, Calif)
1 fresh garlic flagged local but missing
1 bunch green onions no identification - sub for garlic?

One of the Argentinian red plums had a strange but pretty colour scheme.

Even though the Toronto weather forecast continues to be filled with snow and strong freezing winds for the next few days, the warm weather is only a few weeks away and that means fresh baby dandelion leaves for free. Just make sure you pick them in a pesticide and pet free area. For tonight I think I'm going to use up the apples that I have left from my previous food box, maybe make some kind of apple crisp.