Update On Last Week's Good Food Box

The tomatoes were not usable by the 3rd day after pickup. They suffered internal collapse causing the whole tomato to become soft and squishy and started to attract fungus. I think they travelled too far and for too long before I ever saw them.

The strawberries were rock hard and tasteless, not unlike the plastic clamshell container they came in. They were large and well coloured, designed to fool the eye, but a close look found the start of fungus growth. Strawberries don't really ripen once picked and these were well aged from long travel. Strawberries are a real treat when they are season locally and straight from the field. There's no need to include them in a food box during the winter. The resulting product is overpacked, heavily travelled fruit that's chosen for it's looks rather than it's taste or nutrition.

Bit of a disappointment! I wish there was a 'Local Produce Only' box. It could have local hydroponic greens, root vegetables, fruit (especially apples), mushrooms, etc. during the winter.