Raw Milk Products

There sure is some hysteria out there regarding raw milk and products made from it! I posted earlier about how Ontario continues enforce draconian containment of this so called 'public health threat' with armed force.

It all comes down to how the animals are treated. If you run an industrial milk business, you focus on the quantity of milk production, and the cows are just part of your input/output equation. Pasteurization, irridation and other shelf-life solutions help your financial bottom line. Whether the final product is nutritious, healthy, or even tasty is not a consideration. What is considered is whether or not anyone will get sick in the short-term by consuming your product.

Raw milk products would certainly be risky if they came from an industrially organized farm. But have a look at McAfee's Organic Pastures, where a mobile milking barn actually goes to the cows out in the pasture in order to minimize the animals' stress. Stress is not only unpleasant for the animal experiencing it, but it also lowers their resistance to infection.

Raw milk and its products are a niche market in North America. Production cannot satisfy commerical needs. The methods of production are not sustainable on such a scale. Yet it seems that the corporate/government alliance is determined to eliminate any competition or threat to its monopoly forcing consumers to buy only industrially produced milk products.