New Frontier For Fast Food

Apparently the golden arches are only a little tarnished.
Their economic performance seems to be on an upswing.

Luckily Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation) , in an interview with The Observer, gives us a little perspective on this corporate economic success story and at whose expense it comes.

After some promotion of his new film, the discussion becomes focussed on McDonald's. "In the US, they're heavily targeting African American and Latino customers."
Internationally, China is the new frontier for fast food.
"Their huge push now is in China. There's not a great tradition of eating beef there; they favour poultry, which is why KFC is more successful. So McDonald's ads are aimed at young men, and connect hamburger consumption with virility. It's about potency, about women being drawn to men who eat beef."


BETO said…
happy meal is their biggest profit, 40% of their sales! look at their joints, playground for kids!